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AI and healthcare - FEMTECH

We help infertility clinics use the power of AI in the fight against infertility.

The field of infertility is “full of” predictions. MIM Solutions wants to use AI knowledge and the power of computers to help couples who are trying hard to have children.

Planned projects:

Intelligent image data analysis system in infertility diagnostics.

The solution developed under the project will be an IT tool based on ML/DL algorithms, the functionalities of which will be offered to infertility treatment clinics around the world. We anticipate the creation of an AI tool called ProLife AI, which will be an objective and fully automated system for the identification of the highest quality embryos based on raw timelapse videos. As part of the project, we will combine the latest achievements in the field of reproductive medicine and AI (ML and DL) so that the application created by the applicant will contribute to the improvement of the effectiveness of ART (assisted reproductive technology) treatment.

The model developed by us will be aimed at:

  • improving the prioritization of the embryo with the greatest development potential for a single embryo transfer
  • ensuring the optimal order of frozen embryos transfers
  • discovery of new non-invasive biomarkers/predictors for embryo assessment that can be used to improve the efficiency of ART procedures The planned application will improve the prognosis of patients with infertility using a large number of time-lapse photos of embryos and ensure greater effectiveness and efficiency in clinical activities, thus optimizing the ART treatment cycle.

Intelligent algorithms supporting the doctor in the ultrasound diagnosis of a woman’s ovarian reserve.

A research project will be carried out to create an analytical and predictive system called Ultra AI based on ML/DL algorithms to support the doctor in the ultrasound examination of the ovaries (assessment of antral follicles).

The analytical and predictive system developed under the project will equip doctors with the best possible solutions to improve diagnostic accuracy, provide health care at lower costs and enable doctors and patients to achieve better results in the fight against infertility.

We are involved in projects aimed at improving the quality of life. We invest in the use of AI in Femtech, because the happiness of parents welcoming their offspring to the world is priceless.

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