Case study

An automatic website detection system


Ensuring effective protection of children on the internet.

Organization profile

SMART KID SA is a company that introduced a device called Smart Kid Belt (SKB) – a belt that protects children while driving. 

They have decided to develop other products to protect children.


Establishing an automatic system for detecting inappropriate websites. 

The project aims to build a tool in the form of a programming interface that will filter content inappropriate for minors on the internet in Poland. The solution will be based on an ML system that, based on labeled training data (such as page URLs, titles, tags, content), will “learn” to recognize incorrect pages. 

By “inappropriate sites,” we mean webpages that are unwanted or dangerous for the user, and content on the internet, including pornography, violence, gambling, drugs/legal highs.

The project hasn’t been commercialized yet. At least 98 percent of websites have been properly categorized.

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